Privacy Policy

Read this policy carefully! By reading this privacy policy and providing your personal data on the site, you agree to it.

1. Introduction

This privacy policy is an official document of Gefera Media LLC (hereinafter “Gefera Media”) and applies to this site, as well as second-level sites in domain

The terms and conditions of this policy apply to all the information that Gefera Media may receive regarding the user during his/her stay on the site of Gefera Media and which can be assigned to this particular user. This policy also applies to the exhibition project sites of Gefera Media.

2. Purpose of personal data processing

Gefera Media processes your personal data in order to provide you with the services of the Site allowing you to visit exhibitions and other events arranged by Gefera Media.

3. Collection and use of personal data

Gefera Media collects only personal data that is required for registration at exhibitions and other events as a visitor or participant, which you specify in the registration form or the Application Agreement for a specific event, including:

Personal data processing may include collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), retrieval, use, transfer, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data by Gefera Media, provided that such actions do not contradict the law of Russian Federation and moral and ethical standards.

If you are a representative of the company, by entering your personal data into the Application Agreement you also confirm your consent to include your personal data in the register of persons who expressed their willingness to receive information on the organization and holding of advertising, marketing and exhibition events of Gefera Media, including for advertising purposes.

Gefera Media reserves the right to use anonymized information related to the data specified by you when completing the Application Agreement.

Gefera Media does not verify the authenticity of the name and contact information provided in the registration and does not collect information on site visitors and participants from other sources, such as public registers, directories of individuals or legal entities.

4. Disclosure of personal data

Gefera Media neither sells nor discloses personal data of users.

Gefera Media may transfer personal data of a user to third parties only if:

If you have registered for an exhibition or other event as a visitor, Gefera Media has the right to transfer the information you specified on the site to exhibitors participating in exhibitions and events for which you have registered or which you visited before. During registration, you will be provided with a list of exhibitors (participants) of the exhibition or event for which you are registering.

You should understand that all exhibitors participating in trade fairs of Gefera Media are independent of Gefera Media and do not act on behalf of or for Gefera Media.

Gefera Media shall not be liable for the disclosure of your personal data by exhibitors or for other illegal actions of exhibitors. However, Gefera Media will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal data when it is processed by exhibitors, as well as to prevent any illegal actions with your data.

5. Ability to edit and delete personal data

Gefera Media allows users to update or withdraw their consent to personal data processing at any time by sending an email to the address:, or by sending a request by mail to the address of Gefera Media’s office.

The user also has the right to apply for information on his/her personal data processing at the specified addresses in accordance with Federal Law “On Personal Data” No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006.

6. Links to third-party sites

Sites of Gefera Media provide links to third-party sites. These links are for reference purposes only, and Gefera Media is not responsible for the privacy policy adopted on these sites. When using these resources, you should independently study the policy applied to them.

7. Automatic data collection and processing on the site (Cookies)

A cookie is a small text file stored on the user's computer to keep the user's data.

Gefera Media uses only session cookies which are destroyed when you close the Internet browser.

Cookies on the site are used to simplify the site navigation (to keep information regarding the history of your site visits, thus simplifying your actions every time you return to the site).

Most browsers using built-in features or special plug-ins allow you to control the use of cookies, including agree or refuse to use them, as well as suggest ways to delete them.

You can customize most browsers to be notified when cookies are received or block them.

Gefera Media does not link the information stored in cookies to the personal data that you provide on the site forum.

8. HTML requests

Gefera Media processes information received within HTML request (your computer request to the site) solely for statistical purposes and improvement of the site performance.

When processing HTML request, the following information may be recorded:

This information can be stored both on the site server in its log files and in specialized statistical systems for analyzing the site traffic (counters, web analytics tools (for example, Google Analytics)).

Gefera Media agrees to take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Gefera Media may make changes to the Privacy Policy. If significant changes occur, Gefera Media agrees to inform its users thereof.

10. Contact Details

Gefera Media LTD

125315, Moscow, ext. ter. Airport municipal district, Leningradsky prospect, house 72, building 2, floor 2, room IV, rooms 43, 44

Tel.: +7(495)649-87-75

Fax: +7(495)649-87-85


Current document version dated: July, 15, 2022.